Privacy Policy

Quico absolutely respects the privacy of our customers. Please refer to the following terms and conditions in order to help you to understand our privacy policy which includes collecting, applying and protecting the personal information provided by customers.

1.Obtainment of personal information

Our website will obtain personal information under the following circumstances:

i. Membership Registration: When you register as a member of Quico, you are requested to provide personal information including name, gender, telephone, email and etc.

ii. Login Quico account: When you login to your Quico account, the system may collect your email, personal information and etc.

iii. Advertisers and links: Advertisers or websites that are linked to on Quico, may also collect personal data. In this case, the collected personal data is under our advertisers or affiliate sites’ own privacy policy. Users have to refer to the privacy policy on the affiliated sites.

In addition, Quico will retain the relevant records generated by the web searching engine including Internet browsing, IP address of the connection and etc.The information collected will only be used for the analysis of the website traffic and customer behavior survey conducted by Quico to facilitate our service quality.

2.Use of personal information

Personal data including name, telephone number, email and correspondence address are only used for membership registration and order delivery purposes. Without user’ consent, Quico will not use the information for other purposes.

3.Update the personal information

After Membership Registration, you can login to the Quico account by using your own membership ID and password and update any personal information.

4.Share personal information with third parties

Quico will not sell, exchange or rent any members' personal information to other third parties.

5.E-newsletter for Quico member

Quico will send out e-newsletter to all the members through our email system. You can turn off the email alert to stop receiving any e-newsletter or business messages from us at any time.

6.Cookie Policy

Cookie allow web servers to identify and analyze your information through the data in order to target different interests. Quico will read data from Cookie under the following circumstances:

i. To provide better and personalized services, and to facilitate your participation in interactive activities.

ii. To generate and review statistical analysis of website traffic as reference to improve our service.

If you choose to reject the Cookie Policy, you can modify the setting of your browser. Note that you are not able to use some personalized services or participate in promotional events once you refuse the Cookie Policy.

7.Information security

Quico strives to ensure the safety of all personal information.

8.Privacy policy advice

If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy of Quico, please contact us at cs@jointstar.com.hk and we will provide relative advice as soon as possible.